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Government field

Break the information islands, promote the sharing and exchange of government information resources, reconstruct the underlying technology and data framework of information resources, and promote the innovation of government affairs big data applications, providing support for the development of big data resources, government governance, public services, and innovation.

1, standard specification system construction solution

For primary government, in the process of constructing a government-level big data platform, data collection, data models, ETL development database design, basic library standards, and data service standards are sorted out, and data sharing, data platforms, and data are formed. A set of systems that application development will follow.

2, government affairs information resources catalogue solution

Comprehensively sort out the directory of government affairs information resources, realize the sharing of government affairs information resources and business coordination, and supervise and assess the competent authorities. Including the preparation, review, publication, reporting, grade management, coding management of resource catalogs, data level review, integration and mining, and linkage and interaction with shared exchange platforms.

3, government affairs big data public service platform solution

Build a unified big data public service platform, improve information resources standards, consolidate data acquisition and exchange capabilities, explore data quality, build holographic databases, and promote upper-level data applications. Provide government public service support capabilities and improve government fine management.

4th, government affairs basic information resources database solution

According to the national standards and with reference to industry practice, the basic data of the government's government affairs is aggregated, merged, and merged, and a basic library data model such as population database and legal person database is established to promote the sharing and utilization of government affairs information resources.

5. Macroeconomic Big Data Solution

Based on the local macroeconomic basic information resource pool, combined with national macroeconomic information resources, a macroeconomic big data warehouse will be formed, and a macroeconomic macroeconomic decision support mechanism will be constructed to provide macroeconomic models and index analysis and application display for all levels of application population.

6, data management solutions

Including data management standards, data quality management, metadata management, data life cycle management, and data security management management domains, to implement data assets assessment system and landing plans, and to conduct data inventory through the combination of organization, system, process, and technology. Cleaning, exploration, integration, tracking, disposal, and formation of government information assets.

7. City Management Big Data Solution

Urban management covers many aspects of people's livelihood, including urban management, environmental sanitation, gardens, municipalities, and 12345 citizen hotlines. Through data integration and data analysis, the effectiveness of urban management can be effectively improved and citizen service satisfaction can be improved.

8,12345 Big Data Platform Solution

The 12345 Citizen Hotline combines grid, news and urban management with big data analysis to obtain hot spots for complaints, pain points for people's livelihood, and in-depth analysis of “profound and difficult” issues, providing scientific reference for government decision-making, and providing better quality for the common people. service.

9. Smart Park Solutions

Taking full advantage of the new smart city concept, the principle of “integration, collaboration, platformization, and optimization” and the modern technology means represented by the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, build a perception layer and a network layer. The platform layer and application layer are the new model for the development of the park, including smart management of the basic architecture, smart industry, and smart people's livelihood.