Beijing Eastern Jin Technology Ltd. brings together more than ten years of data in the field of application essence, for the industry to provide enterprise-class one-stop big data solutions.

Industrial field

1. Energy Big Data Solution

Establish data collection, processing, management, storage, service, and exchange systems for multiple energy systems based on big data platforms, and realize automatic data transfer, processing, and application among systems. Provide application and support services for related unit business development, management improvement and technological innovation to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

2. Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated Operation Management Solution

In accordance with the specific technology and business needs in different fields of manufacturing, based on the industrial big data platform, it integrates or develops business systems such as corporate administration, finance, manufacturing, procurement, operations, sales, logistics, and quality, and integrates intelligent integrated management and operation platforms. To achieve integrated operation and management under the industrial intelligence ecosystem, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, and enhance the quality and efficiency of industrial development.