Beijing Eastern Jin Technology Ltd. brings together more than ten years of data in the field of application essence, for the industry to provide enterprise-class one-stop big data solutions.

The financial sector

Integrate the theory and practice of traditional financial data warehouses, and integrate them into the big data platform data framework after optimization; support data governance methods and tools, and build a complete data asset system. On this basis, it expands the typical application of finance.

1, data warehouse solutions

Including collection, cleaning, multi-level data architecture, data subject model, common data processing, data processing monitoring and scheduling enterprise-level data warehouse.

2, data management solutions

Data governance guarantees availability, availability, consistency, and security of data to meet the expectations of financial services for data quality.

3, precision marketing solutions

Based on a unified view of customer information (customer portraits), customers are classified according to their characteristics, and a classified marketing plan is implemented to realize the innovative application of the whole process management of marketing work.

4, risk management and control solutions

Using the financial engine business rules model and the big data mining model of the dual-engine wind control system, on the basis of customer portraits, the customer's financial behavior is identified and controlled by risk. Typical application scenarios include anti-fraud, guarantee circle, capital chain, and anti-money laundering.

5, real-time processing solution

SDG is a tool for collecting real-time data for relational databases. The real-time collected data then enters the real-time processing platform supported by stream calculation through the kafka message queue, and then directly supplies the data to the data application layer.

6. Index System Solution

Establish a system with more than 2,000 indicators, covering all levels of data granularity, and meet the bank's data requirements for business management, financial performance, regulatory reporting, risk management, and customer marketing.

7, unified regulatory filing solutions

The establishment of a unified information reporting platform integrates the multiple reporting requirements of the superior regulatory agencies such as the People's Bank of China, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and the Bureau of Foreign Exchange, with unified indicators, clear and easy-to-maintain systems.

8. Leadership cockpit solutions

The banking industry plan provides leaders with integrated services such as deposits and loans, profitability changes, liquidity coverage, bad conditions, and capital adequacy ratios; the securities industry's program monitors the intelligence of customers through the operation of brokerage and proprietary operations. Analysis provides data basis for guiding business decisions and avoiding risks.