• 【Win in integration EJT participated in the 2017 Big Data Industry Summit】

    March 28-21, 2017, by the Ministry of Industry and guidance, China Information and Communication Research Institute and the China Communications Standards Association co-sponsored by the data center alliance large data development promotion committee hosted the "2017 Big Data Industry Summit" held in Beijing. As a small number of domestic data to master the core technology ETJ invited participants, Eastern Jin Technology' CEO Mr. Wang Weizhe in the national big data comprehensive experimental area construction forum, released a "post-data age data application articles - the government data project basis Framework of the reconstruction "of the speech.

    In the speech at the scene, CEO Wang Weizhe first introduced the company's development process: Eastern Jin Technology was founded in February 2013, is a focus on big data platform and big data solutions for the domestic leading enterprises. With ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification, is the first through the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Information Technology data center capacity and performance of the three certified one of the enterprises; has been "China's biggest data 50 companies", "big data area outstanding enterprise award" and other honors; In February this year, the company was Gartner listed as the international mainstream Hadoop release manufacturers.

    On the general concern of the government area of big data platform "can have what application" "can bring what effect" problem, Wang Weizhe from the platform manufacturers point of view given his construction Meeting. In his view, before the assessment of the effect, we must first clear the value of big data platform, the platform value is mainly based on the following three: First, the underlying data platform technology base. now,Many of the company's big data platforms are based on open source versions, which are relatively short-sighted. Because with the customer data volume, traffic, the amount of calculation increases, business complexity index Increase, which requires a strong underlying platform as a support. Second, the system architecture. Especially in the early construction of large data, the system architecture is very important. If the system  structure has a problem, the follow-up will be overturned, re-import the data export situation. Third, the data structure. Wang Weizhe stressed that the big data platform has a lot of superior performance, for example Structured, unstructured, real-time, non-real-time problems can be resolved, only the planning of the structure in order to integrate business association. Because the root of the business association is the underlying data Joint.

    The company's sea box of data products suite, is based on the distributed architecture of the big data platform, with complete independent intellectual property rights. The product suite includes big data base platform, big data analysis platform, distributed memory system, big screen display tools and real-time data synchronization tool, covering big data industry chain data collection, data storage, data management, data calculation, data analysis Mining and data applications in all aspects of enterprise customers can provide one-stop distributed big data solutions. Products in the ministries, provincial, municipal government market deployment, to provide customers with a very good application experience.

    If the results from the implementation of big data considerations, big data in the end for the government to do what things? In response to this question, Wang Weizhe summed up in three areas, including for the people to do What services, how to promote regional economic growth and help the government improve its work processes.  

    In the specific practice of big data deployment, ETJ proposed "three lines" of the methodology. Is in the platform, based on the structure, to achieve data standards, data quality And metadata management. And then for business development, in accordance with the technical line, data lines, application lines to be promoted, in order to achieve better results. Wang Wei Zhe said that in the deployment process, "should With the development of the overall development of only 1/5 ", because only the early data related to do a good job, the water above the business application can be effectively supported, really be reflected.

    Subsequently, he cited some of the ETJ in the field of government actually landed cases, which came a lot of conclusions are refreshing. Such as the micro level, many places All want to build a population library. Enter the name, you can see the citizen family map, life from birth to school, and then to buy a house and so on the curve of change. In the application of the macro level is not Often extensive, such as a certain GDP of GDP changes, in fact, and some basic grain and oil products have a strong correlation between the price; there is a GDP if the growth of a point, The complaint, petition events, will also be associated. These are the government's very important governance targets.

    Finally, Wang Weizhe said that now the government attaches great importance to big data, especially the "Big Data Development Action Plan" put forward, the entire market demand is very strong The Oriental Jinxin focus on the underlying technology platform, with the advantages of integration, willing to work with industry partners to maintain a partnership for the industry to bring more value, sharing large data technology dividend.

    Apr 17, 2017
  • 【EJT held the General Assembly: Resonance with Big Data】

    In the lunar calendar "February two dragon rise" occasion, the company held in the National Science Conference International Conference Center to mobilize the General Assembly. At the meeting, CEO Wang Weizhe clearly demonstrated that the big data platform and solutions leader in the 2017 core strategy: to play the core technology advantages, fully embracing the wave of large data to achieve the company's business indicators to enhance the overall.

    2016 is a year when EJT has changed dramatically. At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Weizhe first summed up the past year. He said that in 2016, the company shortlisted "China's big data companies 50" list, this list is the Ministry of Industry guidance selection, with a high authority. Wang Wei Zhe explained that the outside world may feel that the top 50 list of the number of enterprises are more. He stressed that "among the top 50 enterprises, mostly selling data and solutions, the real software companies do not have more than 10, master the core of large data technology, less than three."

    As a new technology area, in the field of big data, the role of technology is very critical. Thus, since the company was founded, put the technology as a founding of the country. Founded in February 2013 EJT, currently has ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification, is the first through the Ministry of Industry data center data capabilities and performance certification of one of the three companies. The company's core products from the distributed data platform, with complete independent intellectual property rights. February 1 this year, Gartner released Hadoop release market guide "Market Guide for Hadoop Distribution", put EJT as a large data area on behalf of manufacturers, and Cloudera, Oracle, AWS and other side by side mentioned, officially entered the Gartner world manufacturers directory.

    Can be applied to the technology, is the good technology. Technology + application of the business model, has been for the EJT market development to bring massive business opportunities. Now, the company through its own core technology platform, can provide enterprise customers one-stop distributed large data solutions, in the government, finance, telecommunications, industry, medical and other fields and industries to achieve large data strategic layout.

    Especially in the government market, EJT achievements in the past year is exciting. Up to now, both the central ministries, provincial, or county level, have the practical application of large data, especially in the customization, personalized, based on the underlying technical advantages, the company can provide customers with very good Application experience. Wang Weizhe further on this topic, he said, in the whole domestic government big data market, we through the efforts of the status now can be used to "three most" to sum up: that is the most leading platform, the most comprehensive coverage, the most recognized Wang Wei Zhe that the company in the government market to stay ahead, the core reason is to provide users with one-stop service. From the development tools to the implementation of the project, are self-control, for the intelligent service-oriented performance-based government to create real value.

    It is understood that since the Spring Festival, there have been many investors, brokers, listed companies to find EJT, hoping to have the level of cooperation. In this regard, Wang Weizhe in the General Assembly to open their own point of view, he said, EJT is only a four-year history of the new company. Companies hope that through technology research and development, project implementation, marketing and other departments of the close cooperation, to do a good job, establish a national brand industry reputation. In 2017, the company is the sales of the most important goal-oriented, hope that enterprises in the wave of big data in the business indicators have increased significantly, the birds were blown into a long wolf into a unicorn. But the wings or through their own development gradually grow into, and not through the external force overnight.

    Mar 2, 2017
  • 【China's big data 100 released EJT among them】

    February 15, 2017, the business partners advisory body officially announced the 2016 annual BIGDATA100 China's largest data hundred results. The three-month screening and evaluation, the final 100 companies selected, the scope of coverage of large data infrastructure providers, big data platform providers, big data professional service providers (big data processing, data visualization) and big data application services Providers and other roles. With the big data platform core technology independent research and development and industry applications, EJT successfully ranked 100 list, for the new 2017 opened a good start.

    EJT is a technology-oriented enterprise focused on large data platform and solution. The company was established in February 2013 and has ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification. It is one of the first enterprises in China to adopt large data capability and performance certification of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Participate in the preparation and preparation of China's large data standards and security program, is China's data center alliance governing units, China's large data industry eco-Union governing units, China's largest data 50 companies, IBM China big data strategic partner. EJT core products from the distributed data platform for enterprise customers can provide one-stop distributed large data solutions, is now in the government, finance, telecommunications, industry, medical and other fields and industry to achieve strategic layout.

    CEO Wang Weizhe said that in the past 2016, the big data industry can clearly feel the promotion from the government efforts. Of course, the attendant, that is, the whole market will be a lot of participants, but the real master of the core technology companies are not many. ETJ's core team from the Google, Bank of America, Ali, Teradata, HP, IBM, Ali, Tencent and other well-known enterprise core data developers, with rich distributed R & D capabilities and data analysis and mining capabilities. Through independent research and development, fully grasp the core technology of large data platform. "From the domestic point of view, as we master the core technology of the company, should not be more than three."

    Technology is an important driving force to achieve the value of innovation, technology brought about by the market effect is very obvious. In the product, from the platform performance, cost, security and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, EJT has an advantage. From the sales data point of view, the value of the technology brought about by the more intuitive. At the beginning of the company in 2013 and 2014, the company a lot of money for product development, and did not sell products. From 2015 onwards, the company's turnover showed a rapid growth trend. From the growth trend, ETJ2017's earnings, is expected to appear more than ten times the growth.

    ?At present, the data is the resources, the data is the concept of wealth has been deeply rooted. Can be expected, with the big data technology and application of deepening, big data industry ecology will be fully formed. As a technology company, EJT will continue to strengthen technological innovation and continue to provide high-quality solutions for government, finance, industry and other fields, starting with the list of the top 100 list, and fully assist the industry to a new level.

    Feb 17, 2017
  • 【Gartner report shows: ETJ into the list of Hadoop world manufacturers】

    On February 1, Gartner, an internationally renowned consultancy, released the Hadoop Market Guide for Hadoop Distribution. ETJ as a large data area on behalf of manufacturers, in this report with Cloudera, Oracle, AWS and other side by side mentioned, officially entered the Gartner world manufacturers list.

    As a leading provider of large data platforms and large data solutions, ETJ is one of the few companies in the country that master the core technology of large data. With ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification, it is the first batch of six countries that have been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. One of the enterprises. The company's core products from the distributed large data platform, covering large data industry chain data collection, data management, data operations, data analysis and data mining and all aspects of data, can provide customers with one-stop distributed large data solutions The At present, the East has been in the government, finance, telecommunications, industry, medical and other fields and industries to achieve large strategic layout of the data.

    In the past 2016, the company's influence in the industry gradually emerged. In April, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a large data industry summit, ETJ on behalf of large Chinese data manufacturers to speak, to explain the big data technology and product innovation. At the same time, as a member of the China Data Center Alliance, the company participated in and prepared China's large data standards and safety program. In August, China's large data industry eco-conference, ETJ was named "China's largest data enterprise 50". In addition, won the "Banker" "China Financial Innovation Award", China Software Conference "large data area outstanding enterprise award", the National Enterprise Information Conference "best solution" award and many other honors.

    Gartner is the world's most authoritative IT research and consulting firm, covering all information industries, providing an objective and fair demonstration report and market research report on the industry's research, development, evaluation, application, market and other fields The The EJT shortlisted its report list, is an important embodiment of the company into the international perspective, which will be healthy and orderly development of EJT, the formation of a strong impetus.

    Feb 8, 2017
  • 【Eastern Jin Technology has passed the fundamental capability test of big data platform by MIIT and became one of the first certified companies】

    April 27, guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information and Communication Research Institute hosted the "2016 Big Data Industry Summit" held in Beijing International Convention Center grand. The summit was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the China Information and Communication Research Institute, invited from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, China Information and Communication Research Institute, China Internet and many other well-known large enterprises to participate in large data experts The

    September 2015 the State Council in the introduction of the "Action Plan for the promotion of large data development" proposed to comprehensively promote the development and application of large data in China, accelerate the construction of data power. Correspondingly, large data in the "thirteen five plan" rose to the national strategic position, "thirteen five plan" proposed to implement the national large data strategy, the big data as a basic strategic resources to accelerate the promotion of data sharing Open and develop applications to speed up government data sharing. China's government to promote large-scale data construction, data disclosure to speed up industrial development holds a firm belief and a clear goal, intended to lead China's rapid development of large data into the era.

    The feast on the sharing of large data exchange attracted thousands of participants, the main purpose is to support large data national strategic landing, to promote large data industry exchanges and cooperation, to carry out large data policy publicity, to show the latest development of China's large data industry, Exchange and cooperation platform. In two days, the summit successfully completed the General Assembly and 13 sub-forum all the agenda; including the leadership and authoritative authorities on the national data strategy and thirteen five data industry development ideas in detail, there are other Large data industry experts on the large data technology, industry, in the field of application trends and pathways made their own statements and prospects; domestic large data industry line manufacturers have also focused on the show, showing China's large data industry, new products, new Results, new technology, new model.

    With the implementation of large data strategy, large data industry trends are unanimously optimistic about the development opportunities. Is in the industry high-speed development of large data industry, the most basic is still a strong technical products. In order to promote the continuous improvement of large data technology products in China, to promote the technical supply side and demand side of the precise docking, data center alliance in-depth mining government, finance, medical, energy and other industries user needs, refining product evaluation criteria, forming a data center alliance "big data Platform basic capability test specification "and" large data platform performance test specification ", introduced a large number of product foundation ability certification project.

    Data Center Alliance in 2016 the first batch of large data products based capacity certification activities, is the first study of commercial data platform capacity of the first test. This test certification covers a comprehensive, including the function, operation and maintenance, security, compatibility, scalability, high availability, multi-tenant and other seven dimensions of 38 indicators, all-round capacity of large data platform for a multi-dimensional study. In the scientific rigorous, fair and open evaluation basis, a number of test experts throughout the monitoring of the entire test site; Jury by the reference manufacturers, customer experts, academic experts, testing objective and fair, meticulous rigorous.

    Eastern Jin Technology became the summit in 2016 data center alliance the first batch of large data product certification through one of the enterprises, its products SeaBox sea box large data platform v1.0 has also become one of the first six products.

    Sep 6, 2016
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