Win in integration EJT participated in the 2017 Big Data Industry Summit

Apr 17, 2017

March 28-21, 2017, by the Ministry of Industry and guidance, China Information and Communication Research Institute and the China Communications Standards Association co-sponsored by the data center alliance large data development promotion committee hosted the "2017 Big Data Industry Summit" held in Beijing. As a small number of domestic data to master the core technology ETJ invited participants, Eastern Jin Technology' CEO Mr. Wang Weizhe in the national big data comprehensive experimental area construction forum, released a "post-data age data application articles - the government data project basis Framework of the reconstruction "of the speech.

In the speech at the scene, CEO Wang Weizhe first introduced the company's development process: Eastern Jin Technology was founded in February 2013, is a focus on big data platform and big data solutions for the domestic leading enterprises. With ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification, is the first through the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Information Technology data center capacity and performance of the three certified one of the enterprises; has been "China's biggest data 50 companies", "big data area outstanding enterprise award" and other honors; In February this year, the company was Gartner listed as the international mainstream Hadoop release manufacturers.

On the general concern of the government area of big data platform "can have what application" "can bring what effect" problem, Wang Weizhe from the platform manufacturers point of view given his construction Meeting. In his view, before the assessment of the effect, we must first clear the value of big data platform, the platform value is mainly based on the following three: First, the underlying data platform technology base. now,Many of the company's big data platforms are based on open source versions, which are relatively short-sighted. Because with the customer data volume, traffic, the amount of calculation increases, business complexity index Increase, which requires a strong underlying platform as a support. Second, the system architecture. Especially in the early construction of large data, the system architecture is very important. If the system  structure has a problem, the follow-up will be overturned, re-import the data export situation. Third, the data structure. Wang Weizhe stressed that the big data platform has a lot of superior performance, for example Structured, unstructured, real-time, non-real-time problems can be resolved, only the planning of the structure in order to integrate business association. Because the root of the business association is the underlying data Joint.

The company's sea box of data products suite, is based on the distributed architecture of the big data platform, with complete independent intellectual property rights. The product suite includes big data base platform, big data analysis platform, distributed memory system, big screen display tools and real-time data synchronization tool, covering big data industry chain data collection, data storage, data management, data calculation, data analysis Mining and data applications in all aspects of enterprise customers can provide one-stop distributed big data solutions. Products in the ministries, provincial, municipal government market deployment, to provide customers with a very good application experience.

If the results from the implementation of big data considerations, big data in the end for the government to do what things? In response to this question, Wang Weizhe summed up in three areas, including for the people to do What services, how to promote regional economic growth and help the government improve its work processes.  

In the specific practice of big data deployment, ETJ proposed "three lines" of the methodology. Is in the platform, based on the structure, to achieve data standards, data quality And metadata management. And then for business development, in accordance with the technical line, data lines, application lines to be promoted, in order to achieve better results. Wang Wei Zhe said that in the deployment process, "should With the development of the overall development of only 1/5 ", because only the early data related to do a good job, the water above the business application can be effectively supported, really be reflected.

Subsequently, he cited some of the ETJ in the field of government actually landed cases, which came a lot of conclusions are refreshing. Such as the micro level, many places All want to build a population library. Enter the name, you can see the citizen family map, life from birth to school, and then to buy a house and so on the curve of change. In the application of the macro level is not Often extensive, such as a certain GDP of GDP changes, in fact, and some basic grain and oil products have a strong correlation between the price; there is a GDP if the growth of a point, The complaint, petition events, will also be associated. These are the government's very important governance targets.

Finally, Wang Weizhe said that now the government attaches great importance to big data, especially the "Big Data Development Action Plan" put forward, the entire market demand is very strong The Oriental Jinxin focus on the underlying technology platform, with the advantages of integration, willing to work with industry partners to maintain a partnership for the industry to bring more value, sharing large data technology dividend.