China's big data 100 released EJT among them

Feb 17, 2017

February 15, 2017, the business partners advisory body officially announced the 2016 annual BIGDATA100 China's largest data hundred results. The three-month screening and evaluation, the final 100 companies selected, the scope of coverage of large data infrastructure providers, big data platform providers, big data professional service providers (big data processing, data visualization) and big data application services Providers and other roles. With the big data platform core technology independent research and development and industry applications, EJT successfully ranked 100 list, for the new 2017 opened a good start.

EJT is a technology-oriented enterprise focused on large data platform and solution. The company was established in February 2013 and has ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification. It is one of the first enterprises in China to adopt large data capability and performance certification of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Participate in the preparation and preparation of China's large data standards and security program, is China's data center alliance governing units, China's large data industry eco-Union governing units, China's largest data 50 companies, IBM China big data strategic partner. EJT core products from the distributed data platform for enterprise customers can provide one-stop distributed large data solutions, is now in the government, finance, telecommunications, industry, medical and other fields and industry to achieve strategic layout.

CEO Wang Weizhe said that in the past 2016, the big data industry can clearly feel the promotion from the government efforts. Of course, the attendant, that is, the whole market will be a lot of participants, but the real master of the core technology companies are not many. ETJ's core team from the Google, Bank of America, Ali, Teradata, HP, IBM, Ali, Tencent and other well-known enterprise core data developers, with rich distributed R & D capabilities and data analysis and mining capabilities. Through independent research and development, fully grasp the core technology of large data platform. "From the domestic point of view, as we master the core technology of the company, should not be more than three."

Technology is an important driving force to achieve the value of innovation, technology brought about by the market effect is very obvious. In the product, from the platform performance, cost, security and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, EJT has an advantage. From the sales data point of view, the value of the technology brought about by the more intuitive. At the beginning of the company in 2013 and 2014, the company a lot of money for product development, and did not sell products. From 2015 onwards, the company's turnover showed a rapid growth trend. From the growth trend, ETJ2017's earnings, is expected to appear more than ten times the growth.

?At present, the data is the resources, the data is the concept of wealth has been deeply rooted. Can be expected, with the big data technology and application of deepening, big data industry ecology will be fully formed. As a technology company, EJT will continue to strengthen technological innovation and continue to provide high-quality solutions for government, finance, industry and other fields, starting with the list of the top 100 list, and fully assist the industry to a new level.