Eastern Jin Technology has passed the fundamental capability test of big data platform by MIIT and became one of the first certified companies

Sep 6, 2016

April 27, guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information and Communication Research Institute hosted the "2016 Big Data Industry Summit" held in Beijing International Convention Center grand. The summit was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sponsored by the China Information and Communication Research Institute, invited from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, China Information and Communication Research Institute, China Internet and many other well-known large enterprises to participate in large data experts The

September 2015 the State Council in the introduction of the "Action Plan for the promotion of large data development" proposed to comprehensively promote the development and application of large data in China, accelerate the construction of data power. Correspondingly, large data in the "thirteen five plan" rose to the national strategic position, "thirteen five plan" proposed to implement the national large data strategy, the big data as a basic strategic resources to accelerate the promotion of data sharing Open and develop applications to speed up government data sharing. China's government to promote large-scale data construction, data disclosure to speed up industrial development holds a firm belief and a clear goal, intended to lead China's rapid development of large data into the era.

The feast on the sharing of large data exchange attracted thousands of participants, the main purpose is to support large data national strategic landing, to promote large data industry exchanges and cooperation, to carry out large data policy publicity, to show the latest development of China's large data industry, Exchange and cooperation platform. In two days, the summit successfully completed the General Assembly and 13 sub-forum all the agenda; including the leadership and authoritative authorities on the national data strategy and thirteen five data industry development ideas in detail, there are other Large data industry experts on the large data technology, industry, in the field of application trends and pathways made their own statements and prospects; domestic large data industry line manufacturers have also focused on the show, showing China's large data industry, new products, new Results, new technology, new model.

With the implementation of large data strategy, large data industry trends are unanimously optimistic about the development opportunities. Is in the industry high-speed development of large data industry, the most basic is still a strong technical products. In order to promote the continuous improvement of large data technology products in China, to promote the technical supply side and demand side of the precise docking, data center alliance in-depth mining government, finance, medical, energy and other industries user needs, refining product evaluation criteria, forming a data center alliance "big data Platform basic capability test specification "and" large data platform performance test specification ", introduced a large number of product foundation ability certification project.

Data Center Alliance in 2016 the first batch of large data products based capacity certification activities, is the first study of commercial data platform capacity of the first test. This test certification covers a comprehensive, including the function, operation and maintenance, security, compatibility, scalability, high availability, multi-tenant and other seven dimensions of 38 indicators, all-round capacity of large data platform for a multi-dimensional study. In the scientific rigorous, fair and open evaluation basis, a number of test experts throughout the monitoring of the entire test site; Jury by the reference manufacturers, customer experts, academic experts, testing objective and fair, meticulous rigorous.

Eastern Jin Technology became the summit in 2016 data center alliance the first batch of large data product certification through one of the enterprises, its products SeaBox sea box large data platform v1.0 has also become one of the first six products.