• 【EJT held the General Assembly: Resonance with Big Data】

    In the lunar calendar "February two dragon rise" occasion, the company held in the National Science Conference International Conference Center to mobilize the General Assembly. At the meeting, CEO Wang Weizhe clearly demonstrated that the big data platform and solutions leader in the 2017 core strategy: to play the core technology advantages, fully embracing the wave of large data to achieve the company's business indicators to enhance the overall.

    2016 is a year when EJT has changed dramatically. At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Weizhe first summed up the past year. He said that in 2016, the company shortlisted "China's big data companies 50" list, this list is the Ministry of Industry guidance selection, with a high authority. Wang Wei Zhe explained that the outside world may feel that the top 50 list of the number of enterprises are more. He stressed that "among the top 50 enterprises, mostly selling data and solutions, the real software companies do not have more than 10, master the core of large data technology, less than three."

    As a new technology area, in the field of big data, the role of technology is very critical. Thus, since the company was founded, put the technology as a founding of the country. Founded in February 2013 EJT, currently has ISO9001 and CMMI3 certification, is the first through the Ministry of Industry data center data capabilities and performance certification of one of the three companies. The company's core products from the distributed data platform, with complete independent intellectual property rights. February 1 this year, Gartner released Hadoop release market guide "Market Guide for Hadoop Distribution", put EJT as a large data area on behalf of manufacturers, and Cloudera, Oracle, AWS and other side by side mentioned, officially entered the Gartner world manufacturers directory.

    Can be applied to the technology, is the good technology. Technology + application of the business model, has been for the EJT market development to bring massive business opportunities. Now, the company through its own core technology platform, can provide enterprise customers one-stop distributed large data solutions, in the government, finance, telecommunications, industry, medical and other fields and industries to achieve large data strategic layout.

    Especially in the government market, EJT achievements in the past year is exciting. Up to now, both the central ministries, provincial, or county level, have the practical application of large data, especially in the customization, personalized, based on the underlying technical advantages, the company can provide customers with very good Application experience. Wang Weizhe further on this topic, he said, in the whole domestic government big data market, we through the efforts of the status now can be used to "three most" to sum up: that is the most leading platform, the most comprehensive coverage, the most recognized Wang Wei Zhe that the company in the government market to stay ahead, the core reason is to provide users with one-stop service. From the development tools to the implementation of the project, are self-control, for the intelligent service-oriented performance-based government to create real value.

    It is understood that since the Spring Festival, there have been many investors, brokers, listed companies to find EJT, hoping to have the level of cooperation. In this regard, Wang Weizhe in the General Assembly to open their own point of view, he said, EJT is only a four-year history of the new company. Companies hope that through technology research and development, project implementation, marketing and other departments of the close cooperation, to do a good job, establish a national brand industry reputation. In 2017, the company is the sales of the most important goal-oriented, hope that enterprises in the wave of big data in the business indicators have increased significantly, the birds were blown into a long wolf into a unicorn. But the wings or through their own development gradually grow into, and not through the external force overnight.

    Mar 2, 2017
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