• Haibao Government Big Data Platform Application Case was awarded “2017 China IT Service Excellent Application Case” at the “10th Electronic Information Industry Standard Promotion Conference and China Information Technology Service Annual Conference (2018)”

  • Awarded “Outstanding Contribution to Photovoltaic Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions” at the 2nd China PV Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

  • In the "2018 Big Data Industry Summit", they were awarded 2018 big data "Galaxy Award" Excellent Big Data Product Award (data management) and 2018 big data "Galaxy Award" Excellent Big Data Industry Application Award (government)

  • Oriental Jinxin "Jingao Solar Intelligent Integrated Management Operation Platform" was selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "100 Cases of Big Data Excellent Cases"

  • Digital China Research Institute was established in Beijing. Oriental Jinxin became the first batch of vice president units.

  • Oriental Jinxin Industrial Big Data Solution was selected into the “Best Data Excellence Case”

  • Oriental Jinxin Rongrong RAIC Lake Award

  • Orient Jinxin has been selected by the CCID Research Institute as “China Top 50 Big Data Enterprises” for three consecutive years.

  • Wang Weizhe, CEO of Oriental Jinxin, was listed on the "China Data Heroes List"

  • At the 2018 Big Data Industry Ecology Conference, Dongfang Jinxin was named 2018 China's Most Investing Value Big Data Enterprise Top100

  • Oriental Jinxin Government Solution was evaluated by CCID Research Institute as “Best Solution in 2018 Government Affairs”

  • Oriental Jinxin “Sea Box Data Asset Management System V3.0” successfully passed the test of China Software Testing Center and was awarded the “Big Data Infrastructure Foundation Evaluation Certificate”.


  • World IT Research Consultant Gartner Releases《 Market Guide for Hadoop Distribution 》for Hadoop Markets。

  • At the “Big Data Industry Summit” sponsored by the Data Center Alliance, Dongfang Jinxin was selected as 《2017 Big Data Industry Map》

  • Mr. Wang Weizhe, CEO, was named “2017 China Program Business Elite” by the business partner consulting agency.

  • Awarded China Government Software Testing Center "Government Big Data Platform Solution" certificate。

  • Joined "Tsinghua Big Data Industry Federation"; CEO Mr. Wang Weizhe was hired as an expert。

  • Won the "2017 China Top Ten Big Data Planners" and "2017 China's Most Investment Value Planners" Awarded by the Business Partner Consultancy。

  • Become the first member unit of artificial intelligence industry innovation alliance, CEO Wang Weizhe was elected as a member of the special committee。

  • Join the "Smart City Development Alliance" led by the "National Development and Reform Commission City and Small Town Reform and Development Center"。

  • Once again, it was named “China Top 50 Big Data Enterprise” by CCID; the solution was awarded “Best Solution for China's Big Data Finance Industry in 2017”。

  • Joined "China Information Association" and CEO Wang Weizhe was elected as a member of the association。

  • Was named “2017 Top Ten Chinese Big Data Leaders” by the CCID; a provincial government big data platform project and a bank big data platform were awarded “2017 China Big Data Application Excellence Cases” respectively.

  • CEO Wang Weizhe Receives 《Editing Committee Expert》 Certificate from CCID's “Artificial Intelligence” Magazine

  • Seabox Bigdata Sea Container Big Data Platform V3.0 passed the evaluation and award of the certificate by China Software Testing Center.

  • As a major member, participated in the preparation of the "Data Asset Management Practice White Paper (Version 1.0)" published by the Data Center Alliance Big Data Development Promotion Committee.

  • Finalist list issued by Xinhuanet.com, China Institute of Information and Communications, and Center for Informatization Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

  • He was awarded the "2017 China Government Big Data Leader", "Best Solution for Industrial Big Data", and "Best Solution for Financial Big Data" at the 2017 China Software Conference.

  • CEO Wang Weizhe as the first group of experts to join the "China Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 100" Conference under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。


  • Launched a cloud-based and multi-tenant big data platform; became the first enterprise to pass the big data foundation capability and performance dual certification of the MIIT data center alliance.

  • Selected Cities Selected in the First Batch of Big Data Five-Star Cities by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。

  • Cooperated with China University of Science and Technology to set up a big data research center to research and develop a large data platform based on distributed memory.

  • "Big Data Based Financial Data Warehouse Solution" is shortlisted by "Big Data Outstanding Cases of 2016" recommended by Beijing Economic and Information Committee

  • Selected by CCID Research Institute as "Top 50 Big Data Enterprises in China".

  • The Industrial Big Data Solution was named "2016 Excellent Project of Two-Inclusive Fusion" at the 2016 China Fusion Integration Conference.

  • "The Government's Big Data Public Service Platform Solution" was awarded the "2016 National Best Solution for Corporate Informatization Construction".

  • Awarded "Outstanding Enterprise in Big Data Field" at 2016 China Software Conference; CEO Wang Weizhe was named "Top Ten Leaders in China's Big Data Industry in 2016".


  • Appraised as a Big Data Outstanding Enterprise by Business Partner Consulting Organizations


  • Launched China's first hand-installed and configured Mesos-based distributed big data platform.


  • "Oriental Jinxin" was established.